Just Whitney

Words do no justice, to the beauty of the voice and persona, of Whitney Houston. Such  power and emotion , is a rare  gift, that few have, and none can duplicate. She has left us with the resounding sound of her voice, encapsulated  for generations to come, ready to inspire and move someone, the same way she moved Just Whitney, in Just Whitney's lifetime. Though she will never do her justice, She is honored to perform her masterpieces, as she always has, in the hopes of aiding her spirit live on, forever. truly a remarkable Tribute by Beverley that makes her the UK's No 1 Whitney Houston Tribute


London born, Caribbean raised and American influenced singer, Beverly Savarin, has covered much ground in her young career and intends to continue doing just that for the years to come!

Groomed on the US stages of the Apollo Theatre, Newark Symphony Hall, Chaz &Wilsons, BB Kings and many more, Beverly proceeded to release her debut album ‘Beverly The Album’, which attained gold status , Beverly the Ep, Good Bad Girl , and then proceed to top the charts with her Jellybean Benitez produced club smash, ‘Never Felt This Way’, which rode high on the Billboard Dance  Charts for 14 weeks! Her vocals also aided in the Platinum selling collaboration with Superstar rapper,‘Eve’ Rough Riders First Lady’, on the single, ‘Gotta Man’!

Internationally viewed, her live performances on NBC Weekend Today and B.E.T, led her to higher ground, when she graced the Donald Trump Association  Club stages with her performance, gaining her rave reviews and  sad hearts at the knowledge that she was returning home to England.

After her triumphant appearance on X Factor 2011 and now on tour with world famous Welsh Comedian Max Boyce, Beverly shows no sign of stopping, and with Jazz, Opera, Pop, R&B, Soul and even Rap, under her belt, Beverly Savarin proceeds to do it all!

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