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Gary Barlow Tribute Best

Everybody wants a piece of his pie! If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience the amazing talents of Mr Barlow first hand, then Tyler Jon, the top UK Gary Barlow impersonator is certainly the next thing.   

Tribute solo artist Tyler Jon delivers a performance as Gary Barlow that is so close to the real thing that your guests will be astounded. 

Tyler Jon has been performing his tribute to Gary Barlow since 2010 but prior to this was part of one of the UK's top Take That Tributes, meaning that for over a decade Tyler has been the authority when it comes to Take That and Gary Barlow, performing at Weddings through to International engagements.

Gary Barlow; arguably the most successful ex-member of Take That, has made his name as a solo-artist and media personality in his own right and proved highly popular with the British public.

If you love the music and talent of Gary Barlow, you will want Tyler Jon, himself a former member of a Take That tribute band, to perform at your wedding, private function or corporate event. Tyler Jon delivers a performance as that is so close to the real thing, your guests will be astounded.

Tyler may not have been named in the Queen’s honours list yet, but he can deliver a superb rendition of the man himself, Gary Barlow. Singing famous smash hits such as ‘Forever Love’, ‘Let Me Go’ and many others, Tyler delivers a fantastic, unforgettable performance.

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