After Dinner Entertainment

After Dinner Entertainment

annual_dinner12Working with the best after dinner speakers from the worlds of sport, entertainment, television and business, at EntertainmentServices Agency we specialize in giving your event true “starquality”.
ESA pride ourselves on being a family business. We offer a industry leading service setting us apart from the crowd. ESA are dedicated to delivering the very best for your event.

With unrivalled access to Speakers, and all the current and popular entertainers, over 30 years of industry experience to match your event with the perfect after dinner speaker, music act or personality for your event.
Booking an after dinner speaker is a easy with ESA.. Talk to us and you’ll soon be able to decipher who the perfect personality is for your event. We have contact with over many speakers, celebrities and sports champions and would love to match your needs with an added star quality at your next function.


After dinner speaking in a wider form is known as Oration, a skill that has been practiced for centuries spanning back to Ancient Greece. Grecian orators spoke on their own behalf and anyone wanting to pursue a career in court or politics needed to master the techniques of public speaking.

These techniques have remained a constant through the generations and bridged the gap of rapidly changing and expanding societies and cultures. The power of an after dinner speaker remains clearly apparent however, with both corporate and social worlds calling upon the services of after dinner speakers to liven up events and provide guests with industry leading entertainment.

If you are interest in the services of an After Dinner Speakers for your event, simply contact the Entertainment Services Agency on  01827 712537 to discuss who the perfect personality is for your event.

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